The Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $20 off at Amazon

Amazon’s thanks to its anti-glare display and waterproof construction, it’s a reader you can take anywhere, and it’s currently the best price we’ve seen this year. The 16GB Kindle Paperwhite with lock screen ads, normally $150, is down to $130 in a deal from Amazon. It’s not an all-time low, but it’s the cheapest a reader has gotten since Black Friday. If you don’t want to see ads on your lock screen, the ad-free version is also available for $20 off the regular price of $170, down from $150.


The discount applies to the latest version of the Kindle Paperwhite and is available in three color options: Black, Agave Green and Denim. With a 6.8-inch display, the Paperwhite is nicely sized for readability and a comfortable fit in your hand. The backlight is adjustable and can be changed from a bright white light to a warm, yellow light that is easier on the eyes. With a 300 ppi anti-glare display, words should be sharp and clear on the screen and can be easily read even if you’re sitting in the sun.

Amazon says this model of the Kindle Paperwhite can last up to 10 weeks on a single charge, though that will of course depend on how much you use the device. It has a USB-C charging port. The Paperwhite is also poolside-friendly with an IPX8 water resistance rating. Not only should it be splash-proof, but it should also be able to withstand submersion in fresh water within acceptable limits. Amazon says it can last up to an hour in fresh water up to 2 meters deep. It is slightly different for sea water and can only withstand 3 minutes of water at .25 meters.

If audiobooks are more your mood, the Kindle Paperwhite also supports this format and pairs with Bluetooth headphones or speakers. It doesn’t have built-in speakers or an audio jack, so you’ll need an external device to listen.

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