X is funding a lawsuit against Jack Dorsey’s Block to support the ‘right to freedom of speech’

X claim funding It was filed by Chloe Happe against her former employer Block, which was founded by Jack Dorsey, the same person who founded the website formerly known as Twitter. In his lawsuit, Happe said Block wrongfully fired him in retaliation for two posts on X that he called a “pseudonymous, satirical account” on his personal time. One of the posts made after the attack of Hamas on Israel on October 7 referred to the refugees who fled Gaza and came to the Kurdistan region. In another, he used defamatory language and slurs against transgender people while referring to the use of “gender-neutral restrooms in the office.”

Happe repeatedly emphasized that he “expressed his political views, opinions or beliefs in the form of satire.” He said that he did not mention Blok in any post on his anonymous account and did not make these posts during working hours. Happe also said that he “voluntarily removed” the refugee post within days of posting it. He deleted the post the same day he noticed that X was limiting his visibility.

But Block still got copies of the tapes and didn’t tell her if another employee complained about them, she disputed in her lawsuit, admitting she initially refused to write them for fear of getting in trouble. He accused Block of firing him simply for expressing views the company disagreed with. Happe argued that Block’s policy clearly allowed its employees to engage in speech like her post, so it was the company that violated its own rules. Both Block (a financial services company) and Twitter were founded by Jack Dorsey approved by the public Elon Musk took over the owner of the social media platform before the latter. Last year he changed his tune and criticized Musk after taking over, saying “things went south” and that he “should have walked away” from the buyout.

Elon Musk on his account he retweeted X announced his support for Happen’s lawsuit with the caption “We support your right to free speech.” The company used to be funded other claims in the name of “free speech”. One such case Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Lucasfilm and Disney, whom he accused of alienating him The Mandalorian for expressing views that “did not conform to the accepted narrative of the time.” Carano specifically questioned the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, adding “boop/bop/beep” as pronouns. He also shared a post on Instagram comparing the treatment of conservatives in America to the treatment of Jews in Nazi-era Germany.

Happe is asking the court to reinstate him as a Block employee. He is also seeking compensatory and punitive damages, including lost pay from the time he was terminated.

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