Twitch bans streams overlaid on boobs and butts

Not anymore Fortnite Twitching currents on the breasts. I said what I said. If you’re out of the loop on Twitch, there’s a trend of streamers projecting their gameplay onto green-screen body parts, usually intimate parts like butts and breasts. Because picture in normal picture now looks very boring. Twitch has and will put an end to the hype of its streamers officially prohibits As of March 29, “content that focuses on intimate body parts with clothing such as hips, groin or breasts for extended periods of time.”

In an article about the trend, Kotaku explained that it all started when controversial broadcaster Morgpie predicted it Fortnite a close-up game session behind him. After that, other broadcasters also covered their games in anime thighs or fictional body parts. anime breasts boobily suck on screen while they play. Now, the flow of breasts and butts came out. Don’t be fooled by the words “clothed private parts” either — of course, their non-clothed versions are also prohibited, with Twitch’s policy not allowing users to stream or upload content that “contains realistic imagery.” or fictitious nudity, regardless of the means used to create it.”

Twitch previously revised its guidelines for Morgpie’s activities on its platform. The streamer went live with a well-placed cam showing her playing topless shortly after Twitch relaxed its rules for sexual content on the platform. This spawned a meta-stream of them pretending to be undressed, prompting the platform to do so cancel these policy changes and consequently prevents users from being assertive to be completely or partially bare in their streams.

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