Snapchat’s latest paid perk is an AI Bitmoji of your pet

Snapchat has a new AI-powered feature for subscribers: Bitmoji versions of your pet. The unfortunately-unnamed “petmoji” feature allows users to snap a picture of their four-legged friend to create a cartoon-like avatar to accompany their Bitmoji on Snap Map.

Based on the screenshots shared by the company, it appears that after sharing a photo of their pet, users will be able to choose from several different AI-generated images. That’s significantly less customization than you can do with your own human-inspired Bitmoji, though it should allow users to create something akin to their IRL pets. (There’s no word on whether Snap might one day introduce branded pet accessories for animal avatars, like it has for human Bitmoji.)

The add-on is also the latest example of how Snap is embracing AI features in its subscription offering. Since Snapchat+ debuted in 2022, the company has used the premium service to experiment with generative artificial intelligence features, including the MyAI assistant, as well as camera-enabled features. and snaps. There’s more to Snapchat+ The company announced subscribers in December.

Elsewhere, Snap added some updates for non-subscribers as well. The app adds a new template feature to make editing clips easier and new swipe-based gestures to send and edit footage faster. Snapchat will also support longer video uploads for Stories and Spotlight. In-app recordings can now be three minutes long, and the app will support uploads of up to five minutes.

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