Google reverses course and brings its Gemini AI to the regular Pixel 8

Google will bring Gemini , to Pixel 8 smartphones after all. Phone It will incorporate the Gemini Nano, a version of the model built to run natively on individual devices. This is after a successful broadcast and in January.

The Pixel 8 has the same proprietary Tensor G3 chip as the Pro, designed to accelerate AI performance. So the overall experience should be similar with both the gadgets. It will be available in the next Pixel Feature Drop, but for now only as a developer preview. Google wants to gather feedback and make sure everything works properly on a slightly inferior phone.

This is quite a sudden change for Google. The company initially said that the Pixel 8 failed to manage Gemini on the device Despite having the same chip as the Pro model, due to “hardware limitations”. The main difference between the two phones is the RAM allocation, which doesn’t seem like a bargain when it comes to running AI on the device. It seems that Google has come close to this line of thinking.

So what can you do with this thing? The company is expanding two features that leverage LLM, and both of these tools have been made available to Pro users. The Recorder app will get an enhanced Gemini-powered summarization feature running natively on the device. A similar tool is already available, but requires a network connection. Once the Gemini Nano is on board, there will be no need to send data to the server. As expected, this feature creates a summary of recorded conversations.

The Gemini Nano will also power Gboard’s Smart Reply toolkit. This app offers replies to messages and is even context-aware in conversations. It started out exclusive to WhatsApp, but recently expanded to Line and KakaoTalk. Google promises to add support for “more messaging apps” in the coming months. It’s strange that Google Messages isn’t one of the first adopters of this platform. The Gemini Nano is used to power Magic Compose in Messages on the Pixel 8 Pro and Samsung S24, but Google hasn’t announced whether this particular tool is coming to the standard Pixel 8.

It’s been a big week for Gemini, as Apple is reportedly in talks to bring . It’s like Coca-Cola and Pepsi suddenly opening a soda shop together. However, the Twins have recently come under fire for their creation . The image creation feature is still on hiatus as the company continues to iron out these bugs.

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