The best Android tablets for 2024

There is a huge range of Android tablets out there. Some are great for reading comics, and some can double replacement of laptops. However, with devices starting at $200 and going over $1,000, choosing the right one for your needs can be a bit difficult. We’ve tested dozens of tablets over the years from companies like Samsung, Lenovo, and Google. So, to help you choose the device that fits your life, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best Android tablets across a range of prices and use cases.

What we look for in a good Android tablet

Apart from price, there are several features and specifications that we check when evaluating new devices. One of the most important factors is the screen type of the tablet. Not just the size (seven inches by more than 14 inches), but how bright it is (ideally above 400 nits) and what panel it uses (LCD, Mini LED, OLED, etc.). But it doesn’t stop there: things like refresh rate (the higher the better in most cases) are also important to consider, as well as color saturation and accuracy, as they help determine whether a tablet is suitable for tasks like photography or video. can help. editing.

Performance is also a key criterion. After all, no one likes to deal with hiccups or lag, especially if you’re a gamer, which can make or break your experience. That said, it takes more than a meaty chip to make a device feel really fast. If the tablet is low on memory or has a slow wireless connection, it may become difficult to download files or launch applications. In general, we’re looking for at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and microSD expansion is a major bonus.

Battery life is another major concern, as many tablets are designed for use while traveling or working on the go. That means it’s important to consider not only the size of the device’s battery, but also how fast it can charge and whether it supports perks like wireless power sharing or docking options.

Finally, there are more special features like stylus support, custom desktop modes, and expandable storage that can help tailor the tablet for specific use cases like sketching or productivity. And finally, there are design-related factors like dust and water resistance that go a long way in making a device more durable.

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Screen size: 11 to 14.6 inches | Memory: 8GB | Memory capacity: 128GB or 256GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 12MP | Rear camera solution: 13MP + 8MP ultra-wide on some models Weight: Between 1.10 and 1.61 lbs

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If you want a tablet that can do it all, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Tab S9 line it’s an easy choice. Not only does it come with a built-in stylus, but it also has a DeX mode that adds a special productivity environment similar to what you get on a traditional PC. Tablets in this series also feature gorgeous 120Hz OLED displays, fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors, and a host of accessories like detachable keyboards and covers. There are three models available, ranging in size from 11 inches to a large 14.6-inch variant, so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. The only real downside is that they aren’t cheap, starting at $700. But if you want a truly premium Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S9 family can’t be beat.


  • Stunning 120Hz OLED displays
  • Included stylus
  • DeX mode for productivity

$769 at Macy’s


Screen size: 12.7 inches | Memory: 8GB | Memory capacity: Up to 256 GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 13MP | Rear camera solution: 8MP | Weight: £1.35

For those who want an all-purpose slate that won’t break the bank Lenovo Tab P12 is a great option. It starts at just $300 and comes with a large 12.7-inch 3K display, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, plus microSD card expansion for anyone who needs more space for apps and media. The Tab P12 is equipped with a stylus for drawing and taking notes, along with the ability to display up to five floating windows for multitasking. It also has a more muted stock Android than what you get on Samsung’s tablets. Plus, its large 10,200mAh battery should provide plenty of juice for work or play.


  • Included stylus
  • Large 10,200 mAh battery
  • Punchy speakers

  • The screen refresh rate is relatively slow at 60Hz
  • The screen could be a touch brighter

$300 on Amazon


Screen size: 11 inches | Memory: up to 8GB | Memory capacity: Up to 128 GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 5MP | Rear camera solution: 8MP | Weight: 1.06 pounds

to work Galaxy Tab A9+ It may not be as stylish or exciting as Samsung’s more expensive offerings, but it covers all the bases well. It has a large 11-inch LCD display with a 90 Hz refresh rate and a substantial 7,400 mAh battery. While onboard storage is at a paltry 128GB, there’s a microSD card slot so you can add more if needed. Another bonus is optional 5G connectivity, which isn’t something you find on most devices in this price range.

Unfortunately, the Tab A9+’s wired charging isn’t super-fast at just 15 watts, and it’s not significantly water-resistant. But this is expected among budget proposals. I’d also like the base model to have more than 4GB of storage. However, if you upgrade to the 8GB model, you can still get a very affordable and fast tablet for $220 (or less, depending on discounts).


  • 90Hz display
  • Optional 5G connectivity
  • Sleek design for the price

$220 at Walmart

Photo: Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Screen size: 10.95 inches | Memory: 8GB | Memory capacity: Up to 256 GB | | Front camera resolution: 8MP | Rear camera solution: 8MP | Weight: 1.08 pounds

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Google’s Pixel Tablet is a one-piece slate mixed with a smart home control center, making it great for families looking for a shared device to place in the kitchen or living room. It has an optional speaker dock that boosts its audio significantly, while also allowing the tablet to charge between uses. Google also offers a protective case with an inner ring-shaped stand that makes it easy to prop or hang the Pixel Tablet. almost everywhere. With a bright 11-inch screen, up to 12 hours of battery life, and Google’s Tensor G2 chip, the Pixel Tablet is also a great standalone device.


  • Nice smart home integration
  • Smart charging station and case accessories

  • No microSD card slot
  • The camera angle can be awkward when making video calls

$399 on Amazon

Will Lipman Photography for Engadget

Screen size: 10.1 inches | Memory: 3GB | Memory capacity: 32GB + microSD | Front camera resolution: 5MP | Rear camera solution: 5MP | Weight: 1.4 pounds

When it comes to children’s tablets, Amazon dominates the space. His Fire HD 10 Kids Pro It offers improved performance and features over previous models with up to 13 hours of battery life. You also get a sharp 10.1-inch 1080p display, expandable storage, and an included case to help survive drops and falls. What really makes the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro stand out is that, along with a free one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ and handy parental controls, the tablet comes with a two-year “worry-free” warranty that, if damaged or broken, you can get a free replacement. Starting at $150, this item has everything you want and need in a kids tablet at a reasonable price.


  • Two-year “worry-free warranty”
  • Comes with a bag and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+

  • It has only 3 GB of memory and limited onboard memory

$150 on Amazon

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