Apple refutes every claim made in DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit

“It has never blocked competitors’ apps or services, and it does not use anti-competitive tactics that prevent users from leaving its ‘walled garden,'” Apple said in response. an antitrust lawsuit was filed The Ministry of Justice is against it. They denied the claims of the agency in the statements shared with the company Apple Insiderexpanded on its earlier response that the suit would hamper its ability to build the devices and software that have made it one of the world’s most valuable companies.

The DOJ accused Apple of illegally monopolizing the software market by imposing restrictions on innovative iOS apps and cloud streaming services that make them incompatible with the mobile platform. But the company claimed that it only selectively limits the APIs that app developers can access to protect user privacy and security. It gave the same reason for imposing restrictions on third-party digital wallets. The company also pointed out that Facebook, WeChat and Line are available to iOS users, saying it has never blocked “super apps” from its platforms. Game streaming services, he made clear, are always welcome in the App Store as well.

In response to accusations that the Apple Watch’s ability to integrate more deeply with the iPhone than with competing wearables is anti-competitive, the company explained that offering broad support for all smartwatches means developing products that take each operating system and model into account. . Most importantly, Apple has denied that iMessage is making it harder for users to switch to competing products, whether it’s because of its lack of interoperability with Android or for any other reason. Users can easily transfer data from iPhone to Android devices, he said, suggesting that people cannot switch to competitors just because they like his products.

Apple previously said the lawsuit, if successful, would “set a dangerous precedent that gives the government the power to take a heavy hand in the design of people’s technology.” He vowed to “strongly defend against her.” US Attorney General Merrick Garland he wrote in a press release, however, “Apple is weakening apps, products, and services that would make users less dependent on the iPhone” and “discouraging innovation” that threatens its monopoly by stifling innovation.

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