Microsoft is bringing more Copilot smarts to Teams

continues its mission to inject AI into more products and features. For one thing, comes to more parts in the coming months, including meeting chat and a chat typing box.

AI will soon be able to provide you with insights and information from meeting chat and transcripts, so if something was written or spoken, Copilot will be able to extract from it. Microsoft says that when you open Copilot in a meeting chat, you’ll get a “deeper and more comprehensive view” of what you and your coworkers are discussing.

As for bringing Copilot to the message drafting box, AI can now help rewrite a tailored message based on a specific request. So if you want to add a call to action or joke, you can ask Copilot to do so. In the near future, artificial intelligence will be able to create a new message out of context in the Teams chat. This should at least give you a jumping off point and you can tweak the suggested message however you like.

Additionally, a smart call summary feature is coming to Teams. This automatically creates notes and action items within the Calls app. This will be available for both Teams Premium and Copilot next quarter.

Elsewhere, Microsoft is introducing some features aimed at improving hybrid meetings. IntelliFrame goes into CloudAI and creates a custom video feed for each person physically present in a Team Rooms meeting so that everyone has a similar dashboard. This feature will now be enabled by default on Teams Rooms devices.

In addition, Microsoft plans to introduce an option for IntelliFrame called automatic camera switching. It will use artificial intelligence to present the best view of each person in the meeting room, whether it’s from the front-of-the-room camera or their own laptop’s webcam. If someone obstructs a camera view, IntelliFrame will attempt to do so move on to see them more clearly.

On a similar note, speaker recognition technology will aim to improve the accuracy of transcripts and Copilot insights. Microsoft says the feature will be available as a preview in Team Rooms in April.

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