Prime members can get two Switch-ready SanDisk microSD cards for $25 in the Amazon Spring Sale

Amazon sells for $25 as part of the company’s Big Spring Sale. Each card is 128GB, for a total of 256GB of sweet, sweet gaming memory. These are pre-formatted discs designed for Nintendo Switch systems, although they will work with almost any microSD reader. However, this deal is only for Prime members.


The Nintendo Switch is very stingy when it comes to integrated storage, offering just 32GB, so microSD cards are a must for AAA titles. Nintendo can be a wizard his games The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom it’s only 16GB, but that space will still fill up fast.

As a Switch-friendly bonus, each card is emblazoned with a Mario-esque mushroom logo. We’ve always liked these SanDisk drives and called them out on our list . They come with a lifetime warranty and boast read/write speeds comparable to competing products. The maximum write speed is 90MB/s and the maximum read speed is 100MB/s. It’s not as fast as anything but it is very cheap.

Looking for more than 128GB of storage? The deal above is part of a larger sale . There are microSD drives up to 1 TB, many USB flash drives and external storage solutions. Also, if Mushroom Kingdom iconography isn’t your bag, you can grab a sealed 1TB SanDisk card. .

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