You can now pin up to three important messages in WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp has made it easy to record more important messages within a conversation. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart both announced on their WhatsApp channels that you can now post up to three messages at the top of a conversation and get the information you want quickly. whom TechCrunch Note that since the feature was launched in December, you can only close one message until now. But with this update, you may not have to save addresses or recipes you receive from friends in separate log files.

Meta’s proprietary messaging app has also been updated Help Center reflecting the new three-message rule. You can block not only text messages, but also pictures and requests, and they will remain at the top of the conversation for 24 hours, 7 days or a month. If you only close a message, it will appear as a chat banner. But if you pin more, the banner shows how many messages have been closed, when you tap on it, the most recent one appears first.

To pin a message, simply click on it, select “pin” and select the desired duration. If you don’t want to see it at the top of your conversation before your set deadline arrives, you can delete messages the same way. WhatsApp was also introduced in December self-destructing voice messages for those who want an extra layer of security and privacy. If an unconfirmed report from earlier this year is true, we can expect the service to be launched File sharing like AirDrop ability in the future.

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