LG’s CineBeam Q 4K projector with a crank-like handle will cost you $1,299

At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, LG officially presented an interesting little box-like projector that comes with a handle that looks like an elbow. Well, it’s a model called CineBeam Q now available for pre-order It costs $1,299 and comes with some extras and freebies if you buy on or before April 7th. LG called the CineBeam Q “one of the smallest projectors available,” and it was designed to be portable so you can easily take it outdoors. or indoors, depending on where you want to spend your projector hour. As long as there is a power source, of course you need to connect to it.

Its display has a 4K UHD resolution, can grow up to 120 inches and has an RGB laser light source. The model comes with LG’s webOS software, which means you can easily stream movies and shows from Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, Prime Video and Disney+. Compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and screen sharing, as well as Miracast, you can also use it to play media from your other devices. You can activate its Light Drawing feature to project images onto your walls when you’re not looking at anything.

If you pre-order from LG’s website, you’ll get the CineBeam Q Case and the company’s new $200. XBOOM XO2T wireless speaker along with your projector. Be sure to add the speaker to your cart before checking out. You can also get a $200 Virtual Mastercard Prepaid Card, though you should submit a claim LG will begin shipping pre-orders for the CineBeam Q on April 8.

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