NVIDIA partners with Ubisoft to further develop its AI-driven NPCs

NVIDIA working on it Adding generative AI to non-playable characters (NPCs). for a while. The company hopes that a Newly announced partnership with Ubisoft it will accelerate the development of this technology and eventually bring these AI controlled NPCs into modern games.

Ubisoft helped create new “NEO NPCs” using NVIDIA’s Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) technology. . Final result? Characters who don’t repeat the same phrase over and over again .

These NEO NPCs are said to interact with players, the environment, and other in-game characters in real-time. NVIDIA says this opens up “new possibilities for immersive storytelling.” To that end, Ubisoft’s story team built full backgrounds, lore, and conversation styles for the two NPCs as a proof of concept.

A lady NPC talks about a bank robbery or something. A lady NPC talks about a bank robbery or something.


These are fully developed characters with “environmental and contextual awareness” along with spoken memory. NVIDIA says each character excels at “cooperation and strategic decision-making.” The company also became part of it Audio2Face technology allowing for appropriate facial animations and lip syncing. NVIDIA suggests that these characters push “the boundaries of game design and immersion.”

The company hasn’t publicly announced that this technology will be coming to Ubisoft titles in the near future, but it’s safe to say it’s on the roadmap. You’ll probably soon be able to see what the sweet old man outside the inn thinks about you completely destroying the entire town. Wouldn’t that be fun?

This isn’t NVIDIA’s only big AI-related announcement this week. The company is just , the evolution of chips used to make large language models. The company promises that Blackwell chips are 7-30 times faster than the H100 series and use 25 times less power.

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