Hackers gave pro players cheats during EA’s North American Finals of Apex Legends

Respawn, the studio behind EA Apex Legends has postponed the North American Finals tournament after hackers hacked matches and rigged players with cheats. The The developer sent it to X, Twitter previously said the delay was due to “the competitive integrity of the series being compromised.” Screenshots of the hacks are available Available on Twitchgave players the ability to see where their opponents were while being the featured player ImperialHal was given a token bot artificially improves their aim while playing.

Cheating has been an ongoing problem for EA, and one that players claim the company has done little to mitigate. EA’s general discussion page includes some disappointing posts statements “If EA bans all cheaters there won’t be enough players to play the game” and “The real issue It lies in the process of banning/suspending players.” Other complaints include a focus on profit over experience, such as skyrocketing skins.

Besides, EA cut five percent of its workforce — about 650 people — at the end of February. Respawn continues Star Wars first person shooter game canceled along with terminations. At the time, CEO Andrew Wilson told employees that EA was “aligning our company’s operations to deliver deeper, more connected experiences for fans everywhere.”

New time for the North American Finals Apex Legends was not announced, but the X post stated that it would “share more information soon.” In the meantime, EA and Respawn need to figure out how to block the hacker’s current access and re-open qualifications without risking further hacking.

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