Rivian owners can use Tesla Superchargers now, once they get their free adapter

Rivian owners to refresh its electric trucks and SUVs following a software update released over the weekend. First, the company , alongside Tesla’s plans to include North American Charging Standard (NACS) ports in upcoming vehicles. Those ports won’t start appearing until 2025, so Rivian has started a program to ship Tesla-made NACS adapters to current customers.

The adapters will be free, reminiscent of what Ford did last month . Rivian will send one free adapter to the customer based on the vehicle’s VIN number. The company did not say if this is a limited-time offer or how much additional adapters will cost. By comparison, Ford will start charging $230 for these adapters in July.

Rivian owners can select Tesla Superchargers as a charging option via the car’s infotainment system or the manufacturer’s smartphone app. Everything is controlled by Rivian, so there’s no need to download or use the Tesla app to pay for a charge. Wassim Bensaid, Rivia’s general director of software, informed about this The Verge that it will give to customers inside the country.

The move to include NACS charging in its vehicles will not affect Rivia’s proprietary network. The company plans to install thousands of DC fast chargers in hundreds of locations over the next few years as part of its still-growing Adventure Network.

Tesla’s charging standard is widely accepted as these chargers are known . Tesla’s standard is more readily available with more than 55,000 Supercharger stations worldwide.

Not too long ago, Tesla’s Supercharger network was exclusive to the company’s vehicles. Those days are over. Almost every major automaker has announced plans to join the NACS party. , , , among many others.

As for Rivian, the company said customers can access most V3 Tesla Superchargers using an adapter, but only some V2 chargers. Just announced all will come with factory installed NACS ports.

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