Twitch is ending its pandemic-era Prime Video watch parties

If you’re one of the few people who still watch viewers now that the pandemic bans are well behind us, we’re sorry to say that watching Prime Video shows with your friends on Twitch will soon no longer be an option. . It is a subsidiary of Amazon elimination Prime Video Watch Party feature on April 2, nearly four years after the online streaming platform available to all users. Twitch introduced the feature In closed beta testing in 2019 and beyond pitched it to US broadcasters In 2020, shortly after the world has almost shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In those days, you may have used watch parties to connect with other people so that you can still be together even if you are not in the same place. It could be a godsend if you get through these locks alone and help you get through some really tough, isolated days. according to Diversity, almost one-fifth of US adults participated in a virtual co-viewing experience in 2020. But once quarantines are lifted, your habits may change. Maybe you don’t use it anymore Peloton bike and building a home gym… and you may or may not host watch parties more often or at all. Not when you can go to the gym or go to actual theaters with friends.

In Twitch’s announcement, it said usage of the feature on its platform has “declined over the years.” Instead of thinking of ways to make it more attractive, the company decided to remove it entirely and devote its resources to other features.

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