Origami-inspired adventure game Paper Trail finally launches on May 21

Paper trail, the game that lets you layer the world around you, finally has a release date after numerous delays. The top-down puzzle is now scheduled to launch on May 21st.

Developed and published by Great Britain Newfangled Games, Paper trail combines craft-inspired art with a unique folding mechanic that lets you twist and bend your surroundings to connect new paths and solve puzzles. “Change the fabric of your world, tilting, spinning, spinning, spinning – as you try to solve the puzzle Paper trail,” the game’s Steam description reads.

The game’s art style matches its folding mechanics, drawing inspiration from flat aesthetic styles including print and watercolor. You play as Paige (get it?), an 18-year-old astrophysicist headed to University with her doting parents to pursue her calling in scientific research. The developer describes Paper trail easy to understand but hard to master and you can imagine how the game can break your brain when the intensity and complexity increases as you reach the later levels.

Paper trail On PC, consoles (PS5 / PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Switch) and Netflix mobile app (iOS and Android) on May 21. If PC is your platform of choice, you already can Wish list for the game on Steam.

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