X will launch a YouTube-like video app on Samsung and Amazon TVs

since Elon Musk bought Twitter (now X) In October 2022, he threw a lot of things at the wall and hoped they would stick (read: make money). Now it’s taking a page from YouTube and launching a video streaming service on the platform, SamMobile reports. Musk announced that the feature is “Coming Soon”. quote tweet From the DogeDesigner account: “You’ll soon be able to watch your favorite X longform videos right on your SmartTVs.”

X will launch a special app that allows users to watch these videos on Samsung TV and TV Amazon Fire TV. Musk recently said that the X will be a “video-first” platform going forward, and this development suggests that it will be a bigger screen than the small boxes of content typically available in broadcasts. At the time, Musk also claimed that eight out of ten times a person visits X, they watch videos.

The decision follows bad news for X Edison Research report Finding that 2024 saw a 30 percent drop in site usage compared to 2023. In X’s bid to change (and stay popular), it uses resources for creators and declining advertisers. One such turn is a February announcement that the platform will provide tools for “advertisers on X to run ads against a select list of premium content creators,” including video ads, Forbes informed. As for longer videos, we’ll have to wait for them to roll out on Samsung and Fire TVs to see how effectively they hold users’ attention.

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