Overwatch 2 will let you dress your heroes as Cowboy Bebop characters

Have you ever compared Cassidy to Spike Siegel or gunslinger Faye Valentine with Ashe? Enter this date: March 12. That’s when the Blizzard starts Overwatch 2 cooperation with the legendary anime Cowboy Bebop, will bring five skins based on the show to the game. The trailer released for the collaboration also features hacker Sombra dressed as his counterpart Ed, Tank hero Wrecking Ball/Hammond as data corgi Ein, and Samoan warrior Mauga as Jet Black.

Speaking of this trailer, it certainly looks and feels it Cowboy Bebop opening animation — even uses the same theme song. It’s clear that this collaboration wants to appeal to anime fans, though we wish it had happened sooner than, say, during the show’s 25th anniversary last year. Blizzard launched an anime tie-in in 2023, but it was with a Japanese superhero show A punch man.

Wrecking Ball’s Ein skin will be free for all players, but will be sold through other skins. Overwatch 2 shop. Collaboration will also give you access to new emotes, highlight intros, and other items you can buy. Blizzard will officially unveil each skin and item on March 11th, so you might at least have an idea of ​​how much you spent a day later.

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