The Dream Vapor Xbox Wireless Controller drops to a record low of $58

Really like the aesthetics of bowling, but not interested in the game itself? In January, the Xbox was released special edition Dream Vapor controller with curls that look like they were pulled straight from a bowling ball. Now Dream Steam regulator – it’s a A great accessory for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Windows — on sale for $58, down from $70. The 17 percent discount puts the model at the lowest price we’ve ever seen.


Xbox’s Dream Vapor controller – we can say – it is beautiful. It features pink and purple accents that swirl together to create a calm, aesthetically pleasing look. Even the buttons are light pink with purple accents. It works like its wireless controller counterparts, offering 40 hours of battery life, custom button mapping, and a share button.

The Dream Vapor isn’t the only Xbox controller available at record low prices. If you’re looking for a basic new controller, this is it Robot White Xbox controller Marked down from $60 to $45 – 25 percent off. It’s a sleek yet fun option with ABXY keys in a range of bright colors.

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