Prime Video’s latest Fallout trailer deftly captures the tone of the games

released the full trailer for it comes soon. This is our most in-depth look at the show yet, and early signs suggest that the creative team has captured the distinctive mix of irreverence and violence that helped make Bethesda’s game series so successful.

The clip is about Lucy (Ella Purnell), a young woman who emerges from a former bunker in Los Angeles 200 years after a nuclear apocalypse. Lucy quickly learns that life on the surface is not as comfortable as staying in a luxury vault. “Every single person I’ve met here has tried to kill me,” he says seconds before he sees the robot trying to harvest his organs.

The trailer (and the show) gets a helping hand from the otherworldly charm of Walton Goggins as the pitchman for living in an asylum. His character somehow survives the apocalypse and nearly two centuries later is still making a living as a mutated bounty hunter named The Ghoul. The trailer has plenty of other references to the games for fans to drink up.

Amazon also took the opportunity to reveal this Fallout Coming to Prime Video on April 11, You won’t have to wait a week between episodes either, as the entire season will drop in one go.

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