Playdate is having a sitewide games sale, like a real grown-up console

A small console, Playdate, conducts first site-wide game sales, like its more established rivals. Manufacturer Panic is holding a sale to celebrate the one-year anniversary of their online store, officially called the Playdate Catalog.

Discounts attract attention. If you happen to own a Playdate, you’ll find a lot to like here. Cute little synthesizer app Game builder Selling for $8 instead of $15 and an action RPG Under the castle It’s on sale for $7, which is a 30 percent discount. Many titles fall well short of that. Weird unicycle/coffee pickup sim Balanced Brewing on sale for only $2 adventure-esque dungeon crawler Keyboardist it’s just one dollar.

One Key selling points of Playdate it’s the abundance of indie games you can’t play anywhere else that drives this sale. However, the sale is missing one big game. of Lucas Pope Mars after midnight It won’t be out until March 12th. although the sale lasts until March 14, maybe we will get a one-day discount.

For the uninitiated, the Playdate is a retro-style portable console that looks like the original Nintendo Game Boy. It is bright yellow in color and has a unique control mechanism in the form of a manual crank. This crank is used in new ways, such as balancing the aforementioned unicyclist Balanced Brewing. It’s a trick, but it’s fun.

In addition to the sale, new Playdate owners get 24 free games when they buy the $200 console. These are opened weekly for 12 weeks. The console has technically been around for two years, but there was an obscene waiting period Panic worked to meet pre-orders. It’s already gone, so orders ship within a few days.

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