Samsung’s latest microSD card deals include the 256GB Pro Plus for $20

Here’s a quick PSA for anyone looking to add more storage game handGoPro, security camera, or cheaper Android device: A handful Samsung microSD cards we recommend reselling. Discounts included 256 GB Samsung Pro Plus and 128 GB Samsung Pro Ultimate for $20 and $17 respectively. Neither of these are the lowest prices, but both come within $2 of the best deals we’re tracking, and Both of a little dollar is cheaper compared to the usual street prices of the cards in the last two months. Pro Plus is our best overall choice microSD card buying guide, while Pro Ultimate is the faster upgrade option. These deals are available at other retailers as well B&H and

If you’re willing to trade some performance for more space, 512 GB Samsung Evo Select, the top value pick in our guide, is also as low as $25 on Amazon. we he saw it deal last month, but still matches the card’s lowest price to date. It typically sells for around $30 in the last few months.


This deal brings the 256GB version of the top pick in our microSD card buying guide back from an all-time low of $2.

$20 on Amazon

Which one is the “best” deal depends on what you want to do. If you plan to regularly stress the card on a device that can use higher speeds, the Pro Ultimate may be worth it. In our tests, it was faster than the Pro Plus, so if you need to transfer files to and from a computer frequently, for example, it can save you some time. However, the Pro Plus’ consistent and random speeds weren’t far off, so recording 4K video, uploading video game levels, and more was a breeze. for will still be fast. If you need a higher capacity card but value performance, it’s probably worth the extra $3. For reference, 256 GB version Pro Ultimate is now on sale for $35, which is quite a bit extra.

If you’re looking for a great deal on the cheap, just go with the Evo Select in the meantime. It’s a clear step up from the other two cards in read and write speed, but it’s performance-wise enough for more casual errands, and this deal gives you more space per dollar. as many devices Nintendo Switch, however, can’t take full advantage of the faster transfer speeds of cards like the Pro Plus. Like the higher-end cards, the Evo Select comes with a 10-year limited warranty. None of the cards on sale here will be as fast as Samsung’s the upcoming SD Express models, but we expect them to be relatively expensive when they arrive later this year.

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