Hades hits iOS as a Netflix mobile exclusive on March 19

Hell a get the main for Netflix as a mobile exclusive. Dungeon crawler is one of the best games in recent memory and it can help you get stronger growing audience Netflix has built in a strong game library. Subscribers will be able to play Hell March 19 at no extra cost on iPhones and iPads. You can register in advance so when the game hits the App Store, you’re good to go.

You play as Zagreus, son of Hades, as you fight your way through a random series of rooms and enemies to escape the underworld. This is a roguelite game. Each time you die, you’ll return to the start and lose most of the advantages you gained during the run, but you’ll gradually unlock permanent upgrades that will help Zagreus reach Mount Olympus. You can also equip yourself with additional knowledge about a particular enemy or trap that led to your death.

In addition, Zagreus will receive gifts from other Olympians to help him defeat his enemies. It is his interactions with the other characters that form the core of the story and help create it Hell stand out

Developer Supergiant Games thought long ago Hell as a good match for mobile given its pick-up-and-play nature. While Netflix’s games are usually available on both iOS and Android, this won’t be the case Hell, at least for now. Supergiant has stuck with iOS for mobile versions of its games (they already have a Mac version Hell helped here as it uses both platforms and iOS Metal API). Not only that, but the studio is made up of a small team. While developing the Supergiant mobile port Hellhe was also working on a sequel 2020 hits.

It took over a year of additional development time to achieve Hell ready for mobile devices. “The main goal was to make it an uncompromising version HellTo make sure the game is “as performant and smooth as possible,” Supergiant creative director Greg Kasavin told reporters recently.

The main focus of this work was to make sure you get the touch controls right. The buttons have haptic feedback. You can change the size and position of the controls and save your configuration. Moreover, the buttons are customized for each action. So when you go to pet Cerberus, the adorable multi-headed demon dog, there will be a special button for it. If you prefer to use it as a Bluetooth controller or a plug-in gamepad, don’t worry Vertebral Bone Onesince Hell will match them. Other features include 60 fps gameplay, cloud saves, achievements and offline play.

Hell It comes to Netflix Games at an ideal time for Supergiant. This will both bring new eyes to the game and give longtime fans an excuse to revisit the classic before the sequel arrives. Hades II is appointed jump into early access on PC this spring.

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