Microsoft may debut its first ‘AI PCs’ later this month

According to the report, Microsoft will introduce Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 on March 21. However, it can’t just be a matter of a hardware update. Microsoft is expected to call these systems its first AI computers Windows Center notes.

The devices will be equipped with new Intel Core Ultra or Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite-based processors with the latest neural processing units (NPUs) to enhance artificial intelligence capabilities. They are said to roughly match iPad Pro and MacBook Pro in terms of efficiency and performance.

The Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 are expected to be among the first machines to support the upcoming artificial intelligence features in Windows 11. Along with Kopilot support on the device, these features include real-time live captions and translations, and expansion for games. , framerate smoothing, improved Windows Studio Effects, and (at least for now) something called AI Explorer.

Windows Center He suggests that the latter will be a feature that distinguishes artificial computers from ordinary computers. AI Explorer will probably work in any application and will allow you to search through documents, web pages, images and conversations using natural language. This feature is believed to create a history of everything you do on your computer and make it searchable. The tool is said to have the ability to understand context and suggest tasks based on what’s on the screen. AI Explorer is also expected to support text-based image editing. According to the report, these AI features will likely be rolled out as part of the 24H2 update for Windows 11 this fall.

As for what else to expect from Microsoft’s next laptops, both are said to have all-day battery life. The Surface Pro 10 includes an anti-reflective, HDR-capable OLED display. Rumors suggest it will have a front-facing ultra-wide webcam and an NFC reader.

The Surface Laptop 6 is believed to have a more significant redesign compared to its predecessors. Along with slimmer bezels and rounded corners, it is expected to have a haptic touchpad, a dedicated touchpad. Key for copilot and updated ports group. It will also be the first Surface Laptop with an Arm variant (it should be noted that we have Surface Pro 9 with arm). The report states that the Intel versions of the Surface Laptop 9 and Surface Pro 10 will ship in April, while the Snapdragon variants will ship in June.

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