Amazon’s Fire Max 11 tablet drops to a record low of $140

Woot sells Amazon’s largest tablet Fire Max 11 For $140. That’s $89 off the list price and $37 less than what it’s currently selling for on Amazon. Price is for 64GB model with lock screen ads and tablet only — magnetic case, stylus and keyboard case sold separately. The tablet hit $150 for the holiday shopping last year, so the Woot deal represents $10 off its all-time low price. The sale should last until Sunday or until the tablet is sold out.


Amazon’s biggest tablet is 39 percent off, the cheapest it’s ever sold.

$140 at Woot

We had a chance to do it briefly check out the pattern when the latest generation came out in May of last year and you were amazed at how much you got for the money. It has an 11-inch LCD screen (Amazon’s largest tablet screen) with a resolution of 2000 x 1000. Most of Amazon’s Fire Tablets are designed for casual use like browsing, streaming, and kids playing games, but the Max 11 might be the biggest of the bunch. It’s designed to handle some work and multitasking with an octa-core MediaTek processor that Amazon says is 50 percent faster than the next-fastest model. Just remember that Fire Tablets rely on the Amazon Appstore does You have Microsoft 365 apps, but you can’t get Google productivity apps natively without sideloading.

However, you get an aluminum build, Wi-Fi 6 support, 8-megapixel front and rear cameras, a fingerprint sensor, and picture-in-picture capabilities. This last feature can be especially useful for keeping tabs on your Alexa-enabled smart home cameras while watching a show or scrolling through YouTube. In fact, when set up with a stand, it can include “display mode” and act like one of Amazon’s smart displays, giving you the control and interactivity of Alexa.

While it’s perfectly suited for adults who want to get some work done, the Fire Max 11’s claimed 14-hour battery life, comprehensive parental controls, and access to an Amazon Kids+ subscription (currently $5 a month) make the tablet particularly suitable for kids. too. Plus, Amazon says the Max 11 is “three times more durable than the iPad 10.9 (10th generation).”

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