Anker’s 5,000mAh MagSafe power bank is on sale for $35 right now

If you’re looking for a charger backup, here are a few Anchor accessories including we recommend returning to the sale Anker 622 Magnetic Battery up to $35 in various colors. outside of a short fall at $25 last year, this matches the lowest price we’ve seen for a wireless battery pack. The discount takes half off Anker’s list price, despite the actual device itself street price It sat around $50 for most of last year. This offer is also available here Anker’s online store with the coupon code on the page.


This is the second biggest discount we’ve seen for the recommended MagSafe battery pack.

$35 on Amazon

In us highlighted earlier The Anker 622 is for those who want a compact power bank that they can use to charge their phone without any cables. It’s compatible with Apple’s MagSafe standard, so it can quickly attach to the back of any recent iPhone and start charging right away. It’s a 5,000mAh (19.25Wh) battery and only puts out up to 7.5W, so it’s not particularly fast and won’t fully charge most phones on its own. Instead, it’s better to think of it as a security blanket that fits in your pocket, a thin and light package that you can use to prevent the phone from dying before returning it to the socket. The device can also double as a charging stand when you’re away, as it has a foldable kickstand inside and a side-mounted USB-C port that lets you charge on the go. Just be aware that it won’t work in non-magnetic cases.

Note that Anker recently introduced a new one wireless power banks supporting the faster Qi2 standard, can provide up to 15W of power to compatible devices. But the closest analogue to 622 is currently available the price is $60. If you don’t absolutely need the fastest speeds, the older model is still a decent value when discounted this much.

If you want a charging station for your desk, Anker 525 Charging Station For $40, it’s worth a look. That’s about $20 off the regular street price and is the lowest ever. It’s a chunky, 67W desktop charger with two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports on the front, plus three AC outlets on the back. If you connect multiple devices at the same time, it will split that power, so it won’t charge every phone, tablet or small laptop at maximum speed, but it should be fast enough for most people looking for something cheap.

In addition, the Lightning-based version Anker’s 621 Power Bank reduced to $20 with the coupon on the page. This matches the lowest price we’ve seen for an ultra-compact battery pack with a foldable plug that plugs directly into the bottom of older iPhones and provides 12W emergency charging. we recommend USB-C version of this device in our guide best power banks.

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