Framework’s new sub-$500 modular laptop has no RAM, storage or OS

is all about modular, upgradable laptops, and now the company is offering people a more affordable entry point. It has reduced the price of B-stock Factory Seconds systems (built with surplus parts and new components). As it is the first ever Framework Laptop 13 barebones configuration for under $500.

The 13-inch machine comes with an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor with Iris Xe graphics. So the CPU should be enough for most basic tasks and some mid-range games. Here’s the catch: Frameworks’ barebones laptops don’t include RAM, storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, a power adapter, or even an operating system.

Tinkerers (that is, people who are likely to be interested in playing with a Framework system) will have spares anyway. You can purchase any other components you may need from the Framework Marketplace. To that end, Framework said it’s selling refurbished DDR4 memory for half the price of new.

Another thing worth noting is that Framework’s B-stock systems have the original screen with “minor cosmetic issues”. The company notes that these can be things like fine lines that can be seen from certain angles, or a lack of backlight uniformity that can be seen on a white screen. A-stock systems have a matte screen, but they are a bit more expensive. Factory Seconds laptops are currently available in the US, Canada and Australia.

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