YouTube Shorts now lets you chop up and remix music videos

YouTube recently introduced a new feature that allows and turn them into Shorts. It allows you to adjust various parameters from a full-length music video to create something completely unique. Does this sound like TikTok? It definitely sounds like TikTok.

Here’s how it works. Just tap “remix” on the music video. You will be presented with four options: Sound, Green Screen, Cut and Joint. You can only choose one, so choose wisely. The audio tool does what you think it does. It extracts the audio and lets you use it in your own YouTube Short. This is something that is quite popular on TikTok with many users lip syncing to various audio clips. This Audio tool is available for any music video and most songs automatically uploaded to the platform.

Green screen takes things a step further. It turns the video into the background, then you can dance in front of it or whatever. The trim tool simply cuts a five-second section of video that you can add to any Short movie. Finally, Collab creates a side-by-side video that places your short film next to the original content. YouTube says it’s the perfect option when “you and your friends” want to showcase choreography alongside an original artist.

This feature is already available in the mobile app, although it has not yet been rolled out to every user. If you want to check, just open the app, click on the music video and look for that “remix” option. It is worth noting that it was already but not in one handy tab.

Dr.  A still from a Dre video.Dr.  A still from a Dre video.

YouTube/Lawrence Bonk

YouTube Shorts at that time already resembled TikTok but these features make it even more, uh, TikTok-ier. With that in mind, YouTube chose the perfect time to officially launch the toolkit. Universal Music removed his list from TikTok after a breakdown in financial negotiations. UMG artists include Taylor Swift, Drake, Billie Eilish and more.

This forced the creators of TikTok to change the music tracks, because everything received from Universal is automatically muted. The record label accused TikTok of wanting to charge a fraction of the rates offered by other social media sites. YouTube’s Remix tool can access Universal’s entire roster.

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