GM’s Super Cruise expansion adds 750,000 miles of rural roads

GM has announced a significant expansion of its own Super Cruise Approximately 750,000 miles of operational coverage of rural roads and minor highways in the United States and Canada, TechCrunch informed. The upgrade will be completed by 2025 and will nearly double the automaker’s current 400,000-mile network.

First It was launched in 2017, Super Cruise allows for fully hands-free operation under the control of the driver, who is ready to take control at any time. It uses high-precision GPS, cameras, radar sensors and a driver attention system to ensure the operator’s attention.

However, it can only be driven on designated roads that have been LiDAR scanned for GM by a third-party contractor. It generates maps showing lane level information, topography, radius of road curves and more, and Super Cruise allows you to adjust speed as needed. This is especially important on rural roads and highways, which are more likely to have tight turns, steep hills, and other potentially dangerous sections.

The automaker has been slow to adopt a driver assistance system, especially compared to rival Tesla, which offers a $12,000 Fully Self-Driving system that can operate on city streets. GM recently showed off its Ultra Cruise system, which can also work in cities, saying it can be used silently “95 percent” of the time. However the program has been canceledGM is now fully focused on Super Cruise.

GM offers 15 vehicles with Super Cruise, including pickups, SUVs, the Bolt EUV and all Cadillac models. This is the biggest Super Cruise expansion so far It happened in 2022It grows between 200,000 and 400,000 miles.

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