Foldable iPhone rumors, Rogan’s new Spotify deal and more

Welcome to the weekend. Read Vision Pro first overview, but also try not to look directly at Devindra’s Vision Pro avatar. I think it might be curse. Yes, Apple’s vision of the future of computing is here to fleece early adopters of thousands of dollars. Just kidding: Apple has brought its ingenuity to AR, gesture interfaces, and high-tech (those screens!) to jaw-dropping worldwide. But you may not need one yet. We also touch on the biggest growing podcast in the world and those perennial foldable iPhone rumors. It could happen, but you’ll probably get a foldable iPad first.

This week:

↩️📱↪️: Apple is reportedly developing foldable iPhone prototypes

🍎🥽: Apple Vision Pro review: Beta testing the future

🎙️👨🏼‍🦲: Joe Rogan’s $250 million deal with Spotify

Read this:

Do you need all the AI ​​tricks under the sun to make a competitive smartphone in 2024? Well, OnePlus is here to disprove that. The OnePlus 12 Compared to the Galaxy S24+, it has the same fast performance and better battery life, solid cameras, and a great screen for under $200. The AI ​​gimmicks are few, but that doesn’t detract much from the great battery life, high-quality cameras, and $800 price tag. Full review here.

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