Dyson’s new lightweight ‘Supersonic r’ hairdryer looks a lot like a periscope

Dyson’s signature Supersonic hair dryer it hasn’t changed much since launch in 2016, so the brand surprised us today at New York Fashion Week when it unveiled a new model with a completely different look. The Supersonic r is a tubular hair dryer that’s lighter than its predecessor, and lighter too, weighing just 325 grams (about 11.5 ounces)—almost half of the original Supersonic, which my hairstylist friend said was too heavy for everyone. -use per day.

This impressive weight and size reduction is largely thanks to some redesigned heating elements that allowed the team to replace the big head of the old design with a bend at the end of the shaft – like a lowercase “r”, hence the name. . (Don’t forget HTC RE camera?) Miniaturized heating grids made of 99.9% copper microfins are arranged along the curve of the tube to ensure even heating of the high-pressure air stream with high precision (via intelligent heat control) for better hair shine. The elements are also positioned to prevent hot spots, which can otherwise cause heat damage to your hair.

Dyson Supersonic RDyson Supersonic R


Buttons for three precise airflow settings and four heat modes (including constant cold fire) are just a click away. The air intake under the handle now comes with a longer-lasting depth filter that captures air pollutants commonly found in hair salons.

In addition to Dyson’s improved Hyperdimium motor in the handle, the Supersonic r is also equipped with an RFID sensor to recognize its magnetic accessories – diffuser, fly attachment, wide tooth comb, pro concentrator and new powerful air attachment. This function allows the dryer to automatically adjust the motor and heater to provide optimal airflow and temperature for the purpose. For example, the diffuser is set to low flow and low temperature, which reduces curl and enhances curl. Each attachment can also save your customized settings for future use.

Dyson Supersonic RDyson Supersonic R


Dyson’s Supersonic r costs $570, but it’s currently reserved for professionals, meaning us mere mortals will have to find other ways to get one. If you are a hairstylist with a valid cosmetology license in the US, feel free join the waiting listand your salon can choose a Supersonic r in April.

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