Microsoft redesigns Copilot for the web and mobile

A year after fully adopting generative AI chatbots, Microsoft Gives Copilot a fresh coat of paint. Copilot now has a more streamlined design internet and in its mobile applications. Company he says the chatbot’s responses have a cleaner look and feel, while Copilot will display a carousel of suggested prompts to highlight what it can do.

The redesign comes just before the Super Bowl. Microsoft is releasing an ad for a major game for the first time in four years. The commercial shows Copilot (surprisingly) and some of the things users can do with the chatbot’s mobile app.

Microsoft debuts AI-powered Bing Chat . The company says that so far, people have engaged in 5 billion conversations and created 5 billion images through various Copilot experiences. He notes that Copilot (now “Bing Chat,” the catch-all branding for chatbots) has helped him increase Bing and Edge’s market share, though perhaps as he hoped.

Meanwhile, Copilot now has more image editing and creation options. Designer in Copilot (at least in some areas) now allows you to edit the images you create without leaving the chatbot. For example, you can turn an image into pixel art or blur the background. Copilot Pro subscribers can resize images between landscape and square formats and restore them without leaving the chat. Microsoft will also debut Designer GPT within Copilot soon. It will give users “an immersive, custom canvas within Copilot where you can visualize your ideas,” he said.

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