Google, Apple, Meta and other huge tech companies join US consortium to advance responsible AI

All the big tech companies, have joined US-based efforts to develop responsible AI practices. The US Artificial Intelligence Security Institute Consortium (AISIC) will welcome Meta, Google, Microsoft and Apple as members. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo announced several new members of the group and said they will be tasked with carrying out the actions outlined. about artificial intelligence.

“The U.S. government has an important role to play in setting the standards and developing the tools we need to mitigate risks and harness the great potential of artificial intelligence,” Raimondo said.

Biden’s October executive order was wide-ranging, so the consortium will focus on developing guidelines for “red team, skills assessment, risk management, safety and security, and watermarking of synthetic content.”

Red team It coincides with the period of the Cold War. This applies to simulations where the enemy is called “red team”. In this case, the enemy will be one Practitioners will try to trick the AI ​​into doing bad things like divulging credit card numbers. Once people know how to hack the system, they can build better protection.

Watermarking of synthetic content is another important aspect of Biden’s original order. Consortium members will develop guidelines and measures to ensure that users can easily identify AI-generated content. Hopefully it will happen and AI-enhanced disinformation. Digital watermarking has yet to be widely adopted, though the software will “help simplify and standardize” the technicalities behind the practice.

The consortium’s work is just getting started, although the Commerce Department says it represents the largest collection of testing and evaluation groups in the world. Biden’s executive order and this related consortium is all we’ve got so far. Congress meaningful

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