Meta Oversight Board says manipulated Biden video can stay on Facebook

Meta’s Supervisory Board wants the company to update its manipulated media policy, calling the existing rules “inappropriate.” This is the council’s a deceptively edited video President Joe Biden.

The video includes footage from October 2022, when the president accompanied his grandson, who voted in person for the first time. News footage shows him placing an “I Voted” sticker on his shirt. A Facebook user later shared an edited version that turned the moment around, adding that Biden was a “sick pedophile” and appeared to repeatedly touch his chest.

The Review Board said the video did not violate Meta’s manipulated media policy because it was not edited by artificial intelligence tools and the edits were “obvious and therefore less likely to mislead.” (Has the board been on Facebook?)

The Board said it was concerned about the current manipulated media policy in many ways, including its excessive focus. How what specific harms are prevented (such as harming election processes) the content is created. He wrote that Meta “needs to quickly review this policy given the number of elections to be held in 2024.”

– Matt Smith

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The company may reveal ‘further details’ next week.



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In January, Google said it had no immediate plans to support Apple’s headphones.



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