Indie game champion Day of the Devs is now an independent non-profit

it always is Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards. The showcase focuses on emerging indie games and underground titles, and each event always has at least a few projects worth adding to your wishlist. Now Devs Day is shaking things up by becoming an independent non-profit organization.

It started in 2012 as a collaboration between iam8bit and Double Fine, which Microsoft acquired in 2019. The restructuring means that Day of the Devs will no longer have an official relationship with Microsoft and will have more room to do its own thing by becoming truly platform agnostic. .

The team notes that “we’ve always essentially run things as a nonprofit, but making it official—through a financial sponsorship partnership with Legacy Global—opens us up to better funding opportunities, makes our fundraising efforts more transparent and public, and helps . our sponsors and viewers understand how important their support is.” The organization will use the funds raised to pay for things like venue fees, equipment, staff, video production and general operating expenses.

A now it works and works. Supporters will receive bonuses such as keys to a bunch of killer games, VIP tickets to events and physical merchandise from various developers and publishers. whom notes, Devs Day donations are now tax deductible.

Devs Day doesn’t charge developers to highlight their games, and it wants to keep things free for event attendees. Next one March 17 in San Francisco. Developers can now .

Devs Day also has other events planned throughout March, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and another at the Game Developers Conference. And of course, the organization will host digital showcases later this year during Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards.

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