Ultrawings 2 hits PS VR2 early and even the developer was surprised

It will surprise almost everyone – apparently – a virtual reality game Ultrawings 2 hit sooner than expected. In developer Bit Planet Games X, “shadow drop Ultrawings 2 Today on PS VR2, 2024 wasn’t on our bingo card, but here we are.” (The shadowing refers to the surprise release of the product as announced. .)

It is not clear exactly how Ultrawings 2Debuting on Steam and Meta Quest in 2022, PS VR2 arrived ahead of schedule. Bit Planet wanted to bring the air adventure title to this platform by the end of 2023 . Instead, he promised to be released Ultrawings 2 earlier this year on PS VR2. On January 9, Bit Planet noted this .

Even so, the studio says the PS VR2 debut was “unexpected.” While the developers said there were some “relatively minor issues” in the current version of the game, these have been addressed and are scheduled to be fixed within a day. It’s more likely to be a five-day update, however Ultrawings 2 is “solid” as it is.

Either way, there’s at least one more game for people to try out on PS VR2. Into There is Sony itself on the platform.

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