Alphabet cuts jobs at its moonshot labs

The company comes days after Alphabet and Google CEO Sudar Pichai warned of more layoffs this year pouring more workers into his moonshot lab. Alphabet is also restructuring Xi (not to be confused with what used to be called Twitter) to make it easier to launch projects with the backing (read: money) of outside investors.

X division head Astro Teller said in a memo to staff that the company is “expanding our approach to focus on doing more projects as independent, market-cap-funded companies.”

X tried to solve bigger problems and issues worldwide , and , but failed to achieve consistent success through spin-off businesses. The company hopes that this can lead to new ideas for those with a future.

– Matt Smith

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The iPadOS update is the same.

iOS 17.3 is now available to install, and while it doesn’t shake things up too much, it The feature first appeared in the developer beta of iOS 17.3, and it’s actually pretty handy. If someone steals your iPhone or iPad and you’ve updated to OS 17.3, you can lock them out by forcing a Face ID or Touch ID login. This works even if you have a password. The update also includes AirPlay hotel support, optimized crash detection, and shared playlists in Apple Music — something I’ve been waiting for since I was working. .

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It can add ray tracing and AI-enhanced textures to older games.

NVIDIA has finally released a beta version of its RTX Remix tool. This app is for modders and can add ray tracing and AI enhanced textures to older games. For those who know what they’re doing, it’s capable of end-to-end remastering of almost any DirectX 8 or 9 game from the past. NVIDIA has published a list of compatible games such as classics Call of Duty 2, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Garry’s Mod, Freedom Fighters and Need for Speed ​​​​Underground 2.

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It stars Noomi Rapace and will premiere on February 21.



Apple’s newest series follows an astronaut played by Noomi Rapace after an emergency return to Earth. According to the trailer, it’s going to be full of unreliable narrator twists and turns – and it’s in HDR, so it really should look great on that new Vision Pro headset.

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