Apple offers to open up NFC payments to rival companies in EU antitrust case

A long-running dispute between the European Commission and Apple over the use of its payment technology may soon come to an end. Commission officially Apple announced plans to open Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is used for tap-and-go payments to third-party mobile wallet providers. rumors about Apple’s proposal appeared first In December 2023.

Commission In 2020, an investigation into Apple began it eliminates competition from Apple Pay by potentially limiting rival mobile wallet manufacturers’ access to the necessary technology. He announced two years later Accusations against Apple It could leave Apple with a huge legal bill if proven to have violated European Union antitrust laws.

Apple’s proposal compromises previous claims that third parties could negatively impact security. If approved, Apple will, among other things, allow third parties to access NFC-enabled APIs — at no charge or use Apple Pay or wallet required. This change will include access to technology that keeps payment information secure. Apple will apply this to all developers and iOS users registered in the European Economic Area (EEA). However, people outside the EEA can still use third-party apps. Apple also claims that it will appeal to an independent reviewer in disputed cases where the company denies access to NFC. All proposed changes and previous press releases related to the work are available here.

As expected, the European Commission was in no hurry to accept Apple’s proposed commitments. Instead, he drafted them and solicited feedback from Apple’s competitors (and any other interested entities) on whether the proposed changes were acceptable.

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