Microsoft’s tool for AI reading lessons is now a standalone app

Microsoft is spreading As a standalone app, it will expand its tools for teachers in Microsoft Teams. The new program will be part of the Reading Progress suite, designed to help students improve literacy in the classroom and at home. The tool will use artificial intelligence to provide users with personalized feedback on how to do things as well as specific suggestions for improving things like pronunciation. It will be free for every user .

When used over a long period of time, the AI ​​tool will note specific words that the reader often mispronounces or misunderstands during reading sessions. To keep students engaged, the program will also ask the reader to select clues that can change as the story progresses.

Microsoft says teachers can integrate its software into classrooms through its emerging learning platforms But the tool is available to teachers in preview this month. Teachers will be able to monitor students’ attitude to tasks This kind of feedback can help the teacher determine which assignments students are most excited about and which lessons aren’t working. In addition to tracking student performance, new features for Microsoft’s Teams for Education suite will help teachers create content for lessons, such as transitions and activities for student engagement.

Microsoft has also introduced new features for Teams for Education, a program designed for this purpose adapt content for digital learning platforms. The classroom tool will use artificial intelligence to highlight specific messages in the assignment instructions based on the educator’s specific goals for that lesson. The assignment tool will use artificial intelligence to simplify the rubric creation process. Outlines can be customized by the teacher based on grade level, grading scale, or other factors.

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