The FAA says it’s keeping a closer eye on Boeing as it investigates cabin panel blowout

After the terrible incident that happened last week, a A 737 Max 9 plane lost a cabin panel mid-flight, the Federal Aviation Administration said, adding that the company will further monitor production and manufacturing. FAA too The agency entered Boeing after the event .

The FAA says it will inspect the 737 Max 9 production line and its suppliers to ensure Boeing is following quality protocols. He notes that the results will determine whether further inspections are needed. In addition, the FAA will more closely monitor in-service incidents involving the 737 Max 9. It will also carry out safety risk assessments related to delegated authority and quality control. In the latter case, the agency will examine whether it makes more sense for independent third parties to oversee Boeing’s quality control and inspections.

“It’s time to reconsider the delegation of authority and assess any safety risks,” said FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker. . “The rationale for the 737-9 and the numerous production issues identified in recent years require us to look at every option to mitigate risk.” As for when the 737 Max 9 could return to service, the FAA says the timeline will be determined by “the safety of the flying public, not speed.”

No one was seriously injured in an incident on an Alaska Airlines flight last Friday. Boeing’s 737 Max line was previously grounded After two accidents in 2018 and 2019 .

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