Introducing the Best of CES 2024

Rounding out the week with deeper dives from the tech show, and the end of our CES coverage. .

This year, rather than awarding specific category awards in categories with no competition (or something good enough), we’ve announced a group of winners across several categories. We still tried to see as many products and devices as possible, be it laptops, mobile devices and smart home gadgets or cars and accessibility innovations.

You should check out the full list of winners, but our best of the show went to GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker. I know: CES is more of a TV show or a car show, but sometimes it’s the niche products that win us over.


GE Profile

The Smart Indoor Smoker is a countertop appliance that makes a proper barbecue in your kitchen without filling your house with smoke. It moves air around the food to give maximum smokiness without releasing airflow. When a brisket, chicken or whatever is done, the filtration and catalyst system pulls the smoke down and eventually expels it as hot air. It’s not small, but it’s stylish and simple to use, with a low barrier to entry for anyone who wants to try smoking their own food. The device can release an impressive amount of smoke for several hours.

Make sure you check all the winners properly . Expect a few more stories from the team today and over the weekend, but it’s time for me to leave Las Vegas. Until next year!

– Matt Smith

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The biggest stories you missed

They can’t all be winners.



A little secret: I love the weird gadgets, services, and concepts we discover at CES more than all the premium TVs, automotive tech, and upgraded laptops. At the fair, thousands of participants sell their goods, trying to find a market for things that no one has dreamed of before. Here are a few favorites from CES 2024. Weird doesn’t mean bad. It just means weird.

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LG’s greatest hits vacuum packed into a trailer.



The LG Bon Voyage concept trailer features so many of LG’s biggest hits from CES, retooled and redesigned for camping in the near future, it’s both incredibly comfortable and… tough. LG Labs’ inexplicable capsule coffee machine nestles in a trailer next to a Duobo microwave that looks like a moon landing plane. But you access the refrigerator from the outside. On the other side of the door is an induction hob built into a drop-down table. There’s a giant OLED screen on top of another drop-down surface, and a portable karaoke set with two wireless microphones and speakers at the back of the trailer. Oh, and cocktail dresses on either side. Do I have to repeat myself? Glamping.

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CES 2024 showed how the technology is finally getting there.

This year’s CES showed that the solar industry is moving beyond its old limitations. Over the past few years, the cost of solar panels and batteries has come down dramatically, making it easier to sell.

The company’s flagship whole-home backup, the new EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra can output 7200W of power. The company claims the unit is powerful enough to power a three-ton central air unit, one of the most demanding appliances in the home. Plus, because it’s modular, you can add up to three units to the same home for a combined output of 21.6kW and a total storage capacity of 90kWh with plenty of batteries.

Solix, Anker’s big battery division, showed off its new F3800 portable power station, which can put out a peak of 6,000W—enough to power an EV.

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