‘Teach’ your dog to ‘play’ this ‘piano’

Look, we can all sit down and discuss whether teaching a dog to play the piano is worth it, or if it’s something they can do. But it’s too late here CES 2024 A Las Vegas, Hong Kong-based startup has actually developed a device to do just that. Zoo Gears was at the show showcasing TheButter, a four-button instrument with light-up pads that your pup can “play with.”

Essentially, the dog has to follow a sequence of lights, each one triggering a few more notes of the song you equip it with. Once they do, you should reward their efforts with a treat or some other incentive, just like Dr. Pavlov did. The hope is that eventually your beloved friend will acquire the ability to accompany you during your next jam session.

Zoo Gears was a huge success Kickstarter In 2023, he made more than four times his initial goal while getting support for TheButter. It’s currently available in the US for $99, and you’ll also get a companion app to help you set up your dog’s exercise routine. You know, when they’ve mastered something simple enough, they can move on to harder songs like The Beatles. Let it be.

More importantly, the company is working on a second part of the product, TheBiscuit, priced at $299, which adds an automatic food dispenser to the setup. If your dog successfully learns how to belt out some of The Beatles’ greatest hits, they’ll be able to feed themselves. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from becoming the next big name in whatever genre of music your best friend chooses to specialize in.

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