Jackery’s solar rooftop tent is brilliant, yet terrifying

Friends, I’m not a seasoned sailor, I learned this word exists when I went truck camping. Part of the grounding process is that you actually sleep in a collapsible tent on the roof of the truck you’re driving. Now, let’s be honest and sleeping on the roof of a truck is not what I call a fun weekend adventure, even with elastic straps to keep you from falling out. But that’s the market Jackery is tackling with the new concept solar roof tent it’s showing off here. CES 2024 in Las Vegas and will go on sale as a real product by the end of 2024.

The Jackery Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent is equipped with 1000W solar panels (with 25 percent efficiency). Unlike the flimsy panels you can buy these days, these are rigid sliding units that offer a firmer cover to sleep on. Once you park and open the tent, the panels are wired up to the Explorer 1,000 Plus. generator. It will hold 1,264Wh of power and can output at speeds up to 2,000W, which is enough to run a 900W oven for an hour. Plus, you can daisy-chain other batteries to increase the storage even further for trips away from the outlet and/or civilization.

Photo of the solar panel end of Jackery's rooftop solar tent.Photo of the solar panel end of Jackery's rooftop solar tent.

Photo: Daniel Cooper / Engadget

There are no concrete details yet on how much this will cost when it hits retail, or how much it will change from this first showing. But if you’re a big fan of sitting on the roof of a small truck and trying to sleep, worried about the terrifying prospect of rolling over and plummeting several feet to the ground, this might be the product for you.

We’re reporting live from CES 2024 in Las Vegas, January 6-12. Stay up to date with the latest news from the show here.

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