Apple Watch Series 10 expected to boast larger displays, while a plastic SE may be in the works

According to reports, bigger screens are coming to the Apple Watch Mark Gurman. Into Turn it on In this week’s newsletter, Gurman writes that the Series 10 models will have larger screens than we’ve seen on past versions of the regular Apple Watch, and one of the options will be close in size to the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s the Apple Watch Series 10 but also as stated earlier by Gurman.

Apple is also working on more advanced health features for its smartwatches, but it looks like some of these may not be ready in time for the next release. It includes tools to measure high blood pressure and detect sleep apnea. According to Gurman, Apple has faced some serious obstacles in developing the technology for these features. Sleep apnea monitoring, for one, will rely on Apple’s current blood oxygen saturation measurements. .

According to Gurman, this year we could see a new version of the Apple Watch SE with a plastic shell instead of aluminum, which could lower the starting price a bit. Both the Apple Watch Series 10 models and the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra will get new chips to boost performance.

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