The best outdoor gift ideas for dad

Father’s Day is right before the official arrival of spring, so it’s a great time to buy your dad some outdoor gear. May your father be a beach bum, a hiker, avid pitmaster, avid pizzaiolo or if he just likes to spend time outside, I’ve selected the best gear for all these hobbies and more. Whether it’s a new smart grill, a high-tech food thermometer, a durable Bluetooth speaker, or even a new mug for summer lovers, there are a number of options to maximize time on the sand, in the park, or just on the patio. – also at different prices.


When it comes to portable mosquito repellents, Thermacell’s gear is a favorite among the Engadget staff. The newest model of the company EL55, very similar to the E55 we picked earlier. The main difference is the addition of dimmed light for use after dark. The EL55 will last up to nine hours with the light off or five and a half hours with the light on. Like other Thermacell products, the EL55 uses liquid cartridges to offer odor-free protection within a 20-foot radius.

$43 on Amazon


There are all kinds of food thermometers out there that will ensure your dad’s roasts are cooked to perfection this summer. Most of them use wire probes that can get in the way when you go to flip a steak or wrap a brisket. Meater’s probes are wireless and Meater 2 Plus it is also more accurate and more durable than previous versions.

Specifically, the Meater 2 Plus has five internal temperature sensors that give you a true low reading of your food so you don’t undercook it. The other end still has an ambient temperature sensor to monitor grill temps. The Meater 2 Plus is also heat resistant and waterproof. This means you can still use it for sous vide or deep frying and when you’re done you can just throw it in the dishwasher. This model also offers a Bluetooth range of up to 250 feet, so dad can come in and check things on his phone for longer cookouts. Meater’s app will update it and provide estimated completion times along the way.

$130 on Amazon


Every grandfather can use a way to keep canned drinks cold on a hot day and Brumate’s Hopsulator Trio doubles as a koozie and travel mug. There are several different models, but I prefer the Trio’s 3-in-1 capabilities. For 16-ounce cans, this is an insulated aluminum holder. For 12 oz cans, the Hopsulator comes with a reusable cold puck for more efficient cooling. And as I mentioned, it comes with a lid so you can use it as a cup if you want. I use mine year-round, but it does the most during the warmer months when I’m grilling or sitting on the deck.

$40 on Amazon

Kasa Smart

What do you get from a dad who already has everything? Something to make his life easier. TP-Link’s Kasa line offers a range of smart home products, including smart open plugs. These work well for patio string lights and other items you don’t want to go outside to just plug in. You can control the sockets with your voice through the Kasa app or Alexa and Google Assistant. The app lets you set timers to automate everything, and the IP64 rating means you won’t have to worry about dust or rain.

$22 on Amazon


Stanley’s Ice Stream Tumblers are some of the most popular mugs on the planet, but the company makes a number of other options that are great for dads, too. The AeroLight Transit Bottle is a more compact everyday travel mug that keeps drinks hot for eight hours and cold for 12 hours. This lightweight, insulated bottle can also hold ice for up to 40 hours, which is more than enough to get dad through the work day. . The snap-on drinking lid is leak-proof and fits into the AeroLight cup holder. Perhaps best of all, it’s dishwasher safe, so your dad can easily clean it for the next trip to the office.

$35 on Amazon

Ultimate Ears

I did some small tests Bluetooth speakers over the years and is my current version UE Wonderboom 3. For under $100, you’ll be giving Dad the biggest sound I’ve ever heard from a speaker this size. Up to 14 hours of battery life will last him a day at the beach or on the trail, with IP67 and five-foot drop resistance to withstand all those adventures. The sound quality is bright and powerful, and there’s an open mode button that boosts the mids and highs so they travel even further.

$72 on Amazon

Solo oven

Ooni’s pizza ovens are great, and Solo Stove’s Pi is a solid second choice, but when it comes to ease of use, the latter company’s Pi Prime is where it is. Here it is the best outdoor pizza oven combining the convenience of a propane burner with a wide curved opening for unrestricted access for people, including dads, while flipping pies. The Pi Prime has a similar circular dome design to the Pi, an aesthetic the company borrowed from its fire pits. That large opening in the front allows you to monitor progress without opening the door. The front-mounted temperature controls allow for easy adjustments, and the gas-fired setup means your dad can focus on making a great pizza instead of feeding the wood with flame. Plus, it can get Pi Prime hot – up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit – a great choice for Neapolitan-style pizzas that cook it for up to 90 seconds.

$350 in Solo Stove

Photo: Billy Steele / Engadget

Traeger redesigned it Iron wood grills earlier this year it added touchscreen controls and a number of design improvements. Even without all the bells and whistles of the latest Timberline, there’s a lot to like about the new changes—namely, the side-mounted induction cooktop. The cooking chamber has been reconfigured for better efficiency, and the company has made cleaning easier with a new ash and grease barrel system. Ironwood also uses Traeger’s Pop-and-Lock rail to trick out your grill with a number of handy accessories. Best of all, dad can watch long cookouts from the couch with the company’s app, which also has tons of recipes — complete with step-by-step instructions.

$1800 at Traeger


Thanks to brands like Blackstone, flattop grills are one of the most popular backyard kitchen appliances right now. Weber put decades of grilling experience to use in their design, and the company’s second griddle model, Slate, offers some unique features that most of the competition doesn’t. First, the cooking surface is rust-resistant, which addresses one of the biggest headaches for grill owners. The Weber carbon steel stove is made using “extreme heat and pressure” in a process that reduces rust formation.

Next, Weber included a digital temperature gauge two versions From Slate, it gives you a read from under the stove and predicts when the stove is ready to go. Finally, the company developed a collection of accessories called Weber Works system It includes a multi-function case, a clip-on spice holder, and more. includes. Plus, the Slate now comes with two large side tables, and the pricier models include two sliding drawers instead of the typical open grill cabinet.

$649 at Weber

Solo oven

I have had several fire pits since I bought my house in 2014 and none of them can compete with this one. Solo oven. The company’s products are designed to direct smoke upward so you don’t choke when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Pits come in a variety of sizes, so if dad goes camping often or just needs a place to chill in the backyard, you have options. The interior design of Solo Stove pits also facilitates proper airflow, so fires always burn beautifully.

$300 on a solo stove

Shibumi shade

Do your dad a favor and get him one of the easiest beach shades he’ll ever use. I chased the flying cabanas. I turned the umbrellas upside down and wrestled. Trust me Shibumi shade worth the investment. It uses the wind off the water to stay upright and gives you ample shade during the day. It can be lifted and lowered by one person and is easily anchored with a sandbag. Even in the lightest coastal winds, Shibumi will stand up, although it thrives in the typical windy conditions you’ll find on the coast.

$270 on Amazon


Sometimes dads want to fix or just hang things in places where electrical outlets are not within reach. BioLite BaseCharge 600 It combines a 622 watt-hour battery with an array of ports and an informative display panel. When I tested it, it worked with a fairly long drill and hand sander for quite a long time and with a fair amount of load. And it kept my laptop, monitor, gateway and lights working for a day and a half when I pretended to have a power outage. It charges from the wall for over three hours, or the BioLite portable for a completely off-grid experience 100 watt solar panels eight hours of unobstructed sunlight can fill the station to about 75 percent. The battery and panels together cost $1,000, but they’re smartly designed gadgets that dads love. — Amy Skorheim, reporter, Buying Advice

$699 at BioLite

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